doodles [2017-01-31]

David Somers bio photo By David Somers Comment
An untitled doodle [2017-01-31]. Ink on paper
untitled [doodle]. Ink on paper.

Thinking about curation of the “marbles”, how to present them. For the earlier “sequents” a triptych works well. But for “marbles”, when making the proofs for chelsea, the aesthetic seems better as a grid-based configuration. Some thoughts about duality of content. Juxtaposition of media. Analog and Digital. Saturated vs Desaturated. An original piece vs an edition.

This leads to this doodle and the concept of:

  • A configuration of the original “captures” as a 3 × 3 or 5 × 5.
  • A digital print of one from the configuration.

With regard to the digital print: it needs to be “curated” in the sense of the level of post production applied: cropping and filtering can greatly affect the work. Looking back at EAs I prepared for the show at Chelsea, there is a different feel of the pieces that are the same artwork but which have different filters applied.

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