doodles [2017-03-04]

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With the m series in particular, it is an analog process, captured into digital.

But how to “show” the final artwork?

An untitled doodle [2017-03-04]. Ink on paper
untitled [doodle]. Ink on paper.

I have two thoughts, concreting further from those in m3, doodle 2017-01-31 and m13.

Firstly, as a configuration of the original “captures”. An odd matrix. Veering towards 5 × 5 × 7 × 7.

Secondly, as a digital work. Highly enlarged from the original. Potentially processed. Veering towards Diasec for production, or some similar direct-print-to-medium methods — essentially “abusing” commercial advertising and display systems — not the first time this has been done (c.f. Wim Delvoyte).

I was semi-randomly surfing the interwebs today and stumbled on a potential new supplier. They made custom passepartout and frames. The key thing is the custom passepartout can have multiple cutouts, so this is absolutely ideal for the unique originals.

I recently saw some artworks that used a similar configuration and it is to me an effective method of presenting work.

Cutouts for many as one
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