doodles [2017-03-05]

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An untitled doodle [2017-03-05]. Ink on paper
untitled [doodle]. Ink on paper.

Awake too early today. Circling back to my thoughts yesterday, which itself build upon earlier ones, a doodle to concrete the streams of my practice vis-a-vis their ontology. And also, looking at the doodle, perhaps to be a basis for the final show (if going for a d approach that contains one exemplar from each archetype/medium).

  • d, a distillation of works for an expo, built from:
    • f, fiber works
    • l, linear works [^not sure if this is the right word, as the emphasis is on the boundary, but it is being presented as a minimal line — but isn’t to be confused with the g ]
    • s, sequent, the generative works
    • m, marbled works
    • c, a configuration of smaller (micro) works into a single (macro) work.

Thinking towards the final show… do I want to present a narrative that shows my journey throughout this MA… or do I want to concentrate on just one subset (such as select works from m as I curated for Chelsea or d4, and d5)?

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