doodles [2017-03-11]

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An untitled doodle [2017-03-10]. Ink on paper
schema for m13. Ink on paper.

I should have documented this earlier: the schema that I used when creating m13 and m14. Essentially, a methodical blending of the colors. Fairly obvious when looking at the end result… but sometimes simple is best.

Also, thinking about how to remove — if indeed they should be removed — the “captures” where there are two identical colours.

An untitled doodle [2017-03-10]. Ink on paper
alternate schemas. Ink on paper.

The same-color “captures” aren’t a waste… they have an inherent quality… they just may not be appropriate when configured with the others… so a quick doodle to look at removing them and reconfiguring the others.

Maybe the method of production and the method of configuration do not need to be the same. Its entirely feasible that I’ll end up using one method to make the “captures”, and another one to configure them.

I want to make more “captures”, but ones that are more controlled. I’ve built a tool that will hopefully help. But, until its ready to use (the glue holding it together needs to cure), think I will do some digital redux of the existing ones.

m14p64 [raw]. Ink on paper
m14p63 [raw]. Ink on paper.

For example, looking at m14p63, the area of interest is where the two colors — the protagonists — overlap and there’s that hybridity and third-space thing happening. Would highlighting this be appropriate. Would the message be lost? Or changed? There’s a difference in the visual impact between the quick photograph of the raw “capture” above and the later high-resolution digital scan… and both have had no post production applied.

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