doodles [2017-03-11]

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Looking back at m14 and m15, I attempted to make the division of the visual space approximately equal. In previous sets, this was far from the case.

And this got me thinking about symmetry vs asymmetry.

An untitled doodle [2017-03-22]. Ink on paper
doodle 2017-03-22p1. Ink on paper.

Taking this forward… expanding the asymmetry…

An untitled doodle [2017-03-22]. Ink on paper
doodle 2017-03-22p2. Ink on paper.

…and that got me thinking about the going to extremea; being on the edge; in de marge, as it were.

An untitled doodle [2017-03-22]. Ink on paper
doodle 2017-03-22p3. Ink on paper.

Canvas either unpainted or gray. The face a color field. The edge another color field. Their hybridity results in third space at their intersection which happens on the edge, in de marge. Does in de marge has negative connotations? It can be used in a positive sense.

After working for some time in ink, perhaps I am itching to working in acrylic on canvas. A change of medium and substrate.

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