fiber Sculpture Three

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Continuing on from Fiber Sculpture Two, I made another piece in the same vein, but based on a different doodle.

From the previous piece there were some subtle changes that I wanted to make to facilitate production:

  • Make positioning the screws easier. In the previous piece the template glued to the back of the canvas consisted of simple dots, with large black ones where the screws go. However, centering the screw on the large dot was not consistently achievable. To make positioning easier the dot will be replaced with a targeting

  • Instead of using a manual screwdriver, time to try a mini cordless drill (Bosch IXO).

I would use the two materials from the previous fiber piece (Fiber Sculpture Two). However as the wool is a blended yarn (officially “Red-Brown”) the color will shift as I work my way through the skein.

pegged out
Constructing the guides, facilitated by a mini cordless drill..
Picture of fiber proof three
Fiber Proof Three. 200 × 200 × 30 mm. Raffia (rayon) and fiber (wool/acrylic) on canvas.
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