Installing the final show

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As those who saw me in Camberwell for the installation noticed, I has a nasty virus. At the end of Monday I had only managed to fabricate four of the nine sets for my principal work.

Tuesday was a more productive day, encouraged by Ed (“go on, you can make another one”) and Ibuprofen+Codeine, resulting in all nine being fabricated and mounted by early afternoon. Sequent 21/_Strictly Normal goes PI was quickly up and on a spare plinth that Jonathan provided.

I decided to push through and then do the five other frames for my secondary piece, so by the end of the day, this too was completed and mounted.

Wednesday (my last day available to install), I could “relax”, in as much as possible given I’d had about 2 hours sleep each night for the past five days and was spiking a fever. I cleared the corridor, fettled the frames, and tidied up all the tools and things I had begged / borrowed / stolen over the past days. Wednesday afternoon turned into a very late Wednesday evening as myself, Ed, and Jonathan helped Sharon with her installation. And a bit more fettling of my installation, because, you know.

I’m really happy with the way my installation has come out, and the reception to it has been good so far, judging from the comments people have made as they were walking past it. My choice to swap the back of the acrylic sandwich to wood from acrylic was a pragmatic one, but it did cause a few minor hiccups… hence the second round of fettling before I left on Wednesday. Acrylic would have been far better being dimensionally stable and rigid opposed to that with the plyboard. But supply constraints are what they are, and I seemed to have worked around it (but won’t really know until I see things again at the PV and hope everything is as it was).

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