m10 (raw)

David Somers bio photo By David Somers Comment
Set m10, in progress. Ink on paper
m10p9 [in progress]. Ink on paper.


Unsure about this set. Same old, same old? Mixing the yellow and green. Again. Its a combination that has worked well before. But, this time things don’t seem good. Did I rush it too much? Am I bored? Too tired? After a few sleeps perhaps I’ll feel different.


24 “captures” made. They look a bit too random. Noisy? Messy? Shit? Was I just too quick, not taking enough time over the placement of the ink and its subsequent “capture”?

There are, perhaps, eight that might be useful, but only with some post processing… cropping in… locating that 1 or 2 cm2 that’s worth it. So into the digital world for some curation.

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