m13 macro-micro

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Marbling Set 13, in progress [wet, detail]. 36 off 90mm × 90mm. Ink on paper.

When I posted details of the raw version of m13, the image I used was a detail shot. When my artwork is in such a state I don’t like to give too much away.

As well as detail images I also take a plan view. In earlier m sets this is fairly critical as the work is a progression — reductionism in action — and unpredictable so if they get knocked over during drying I have a record and can restore their order. With m13 this is not so critical because of the rigorous approach I am taking which results in the ordering being deterministic in nature.

Marbling Set 13, in progress [wet, plan view]. 36 off 90mm × 90mm. Ink on paper.

I posted the plan image to FaceBook. There was the usual flurry of likes. And then I ended up having a long and detailed e-conversation with a friend about this work in particular. One critical question that was asked:

Is it one piece. Or several?

It’s both. It works as 36 separate pieces but also as one configuration of 36. The micro and the macro. The previous m sets have been a macro work — because they are a record of reductionism — but on a highly subtle level compared with that of m13 where it is more apparent. This was not an intention that I was planning to highlight with m13; it is an unexpected consequence of the deterministic output of a rigorous exploration.

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