m13 (raw)

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Marbling Set 13, in progress [wet]. 36 off 90mm × 90mm. Ink on paper.

The plan

For this set, the idea is to see how each color mixes and behaves. The color theory behind this is pretty standard, so there shouldn’t be any surprises, and the pigments seem to react well with each other based on the previous “captures” I’ve made. However, the behavior of the ink needs closer inspection; from the previous _m_s it seems that some have a tendency to ripple whilst others don’t. Was that chance, or an inherent property?

Today, Kraftwerk’s Minimum-Maximum for auditory enjoyment.

Instead of randomly mixing colors, the protagonists in system bounded by the visual plane I am working with, a more rigorous process. 6 colors, mixed with each other in pairs. Thats 30 combinations, plus another 6 because I want to see what happens when I overlay a color with itself; the ink is transparent so something should happen.

For the division, the visual plane will be approximatly bisected. No need to be too precious about accuracy, as long as each protagonist overlays.


The wet “captures” are looking good, and there are some excellent overlaps… the colors have mixed well… the allusion to hybridity.

The boundaries are, in a few cases, quite broad. Good for showing the mixing, but is it what I want? Would it be better it it were narrower, perhaps even tending towards just touching — like m12p71 in d5) — which has both aesthetic and philosophical resonance?

Idea: another way of looking at it is to crop into each overlay, so each “capture” actually has two boundaries to explore.

m13p24, in progress [wet]. 90mm × 90mm. Ink on paper.
m13p8, in progress [wet]. 90mm × 90mm. Ink on paper.
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