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m14 set, 2 of 2, in progress [wet]. 36 off 90mm × 90mm. Ink on paper.
m14 set, 1 of 2, in progress [wet]. 36 off 90mm × 90mm. Ink on paper.

I haven’t made any physical artworks for a couple of weeks now. What I have been doing is taking the previous ones and brining them into the digital world… all that scanning and photography takes time… and then there’s the consuming initial post production to yield a semi-working image (i.e. isolated and cropped).

Today, back to creating art. Need to make more. Trying to refine my process.

It was not a good day.

The plan was to try to some different pigments with coloring rose pink, silver, and black, and to repeat the structure in m13. The idea behind the new pigments was to simply expand on the palette. By repeating the structure (the order in which the colors were “captured” and over-“captured), trying to make another set for compare-and-contrast purposes.

I started out to do a structure similar to m13 but with different pigments. After a few “captures” things were not working. So I abandoned that plan (am I ADD today?), and instead started to work with green and black… trying to get that black to thin out into a lovely gray… its being uncooperative… swap out the black for the silver… which is almost impossible to see… lay down more… it pushes the green way out of the way… I have 36 “captures”, so drop plan B, go back to plan A and try to repeat m13 with some new pigments… 36 “captures” later and I’m more interested in the “cleanups” than the “captures”.

m14 cleanups, [wet]. 36 off 90mm × 90mm. Ink on paper.

The rose pink pigment behaves like a less saturated variant of the ruby red. The silver is as weak as piss and I have to apply so much to be able to see it, and when “captured” it can hardly be seen… and if try to compensate for this it push pushes the other inks out of the way. The black is really black… when dilute it looks nice and gray, but when doing a “capture” it too easily concentrates and comes out solid black.

I know from before that the wet “captures” change when they dry, but things look disappointing. Hopefully they will look better when dry. Hopefully a few gems from the dross. Is dross too strong? Perhaps, but I’m not as pleased with the wet proofs today as compared to those previously made.

m14 detail of capture [wet]. 90mm × 90mm. Ink on paper.
m14 detail of capture [wet]. 90mm × 90mm. Ink on paper.

The inks did not work as expected. They misbehaved. It was difficult to get started. With the benefit of hindsight I am putting this down to a combination of factors: I was fatigued by illness; should really do this earlier in the day when I have more energy; the weather is awful, with the atmospheric pressure playing it part; the background music isn’t right and I couldn’t get into the zone.

m14 [wet] against m13 [wet].


A day later, and the “captures” are fairly dry. Not enough to handle, but enough to see how they are turning out. Of the 78 “captures”, about 12 look like they have some promise in them.

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