m8p23 redux - direct to plate

m8p23 printed direct to acrylic
m8p23, direct to acrylic plate_


I have been thinking of having my works reproduced on Diasec.

This can be an expensive proposition, so I have been scouting around for alternatives… even if only to find something to make cheap proofs to play with scale before committing to museum-quality (and museum-price) methods.

So I decided to experiment with m8p23 (a piece that I am quote fond of).

It was sent off to be digitally printed using direct to plate — Clear PLEXIGLAS┬«, 4 mm, printed on the back, with an additional white full-surface background.

This method is normally used for advertising signage. I like that I’m re-appropriating it for fine art.

When I opened the package, I was pretty blow away by the quality, in terms of both color saturation (so intense and good), and quality (supply a very high resolution file paid off).

I should have pursued this repo method sooner — it really is good.

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