Showing configuration 1 at The Summer Show

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The space for the interim display is better than anticipated, and although my piece is in the far corner, it has presence, and sits well with the other exhibits.

Six individual parts but coherent as Configuration 1. Juxtaposition: three fiber sculptures vs three digital images. Within the digital images, there is a spread of techniques: generative, freehand, and pseudo-generative.

It also presents a snap-shot of my practice-based research at the moment.

I’m pleased and happy.

And a thousand thanks to Jonathan who mounted the display for me (even though he had 1001 other things to do for the show).

The only SNAFU is that the labels for the display were missing all the text that I had spent hours copywriting. Others were similarly affected. It was a bitter disappointment for all that work to have been lost by the marketing team at Camberwell who were responsible for producing them. On a positive note, for my final show in 2017 I will implement contingency measures… at the very least a small poster to quickly mount if the production gremlins strike again. While the work stands aesthetically on its own, an additional layer applies if the spectator is informed.

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