No a brochure for the final show?

An email today from Leonie, further to the Group Brochure:

As only just over half of us have sent me images and text for the booklet, and a couple of people have expressed concern (understandably) over not having final images in the publication I have decided to end this project now before I do any more work on it.. Hopefully for those that did make a submission it was not a wasted effort - and you can use your pictures and copy for the website we need to have for the show :-)

Clearly, a disappointment, particularly for those, like me, who had put in some effort in preparing (admittedly provisional) text and images for it. As Leonie quite correctly observes, things can be reused, so its not a wasted effort. But, still, a group brochure would have been a nice memento of two year’s work.

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