Fiber Sculpture Eight

David Somers bio photo By David Somers Comment
Object #57421
David Somers, Untitled, 2016, raffia and wool on canvas, 20.5 × 20.0 × 3.0 cm (~ 8" × 8" × 3/4"). [Object #57421].

Following on from the second one-on-one I have been thinking again about the scale of my work. In this piece I doubled the scale which necessitated a quadrupling in the amount of fiber required. Compared to the preceding smaller pieces the increase in resolution is pleasing, as is the color field when viewed from both distance and close. When creating an object I have little idea how the variegated color in the wool fiber will appear; here it starts a dark burgundy, there are then a few rows of moss green, and then into the dominant burnt umber. The division between the two fiber fields was deliberately jagged in the upper-half, and consciously straight in the lower-half, which corresponded — by happy accident — with the dominant burnt umber. There is a tension. A drama unfolding.

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