Fiber Sculpture 10

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Fiber Sculpture Ten; Object #57426
David Somers, Untitled, 2016, raffia and wool on canvas, 50.5 × 50.0 × 3.0 cm (~ 8" × 8" × 3/4"). [Object #57429].

Scale has been on my mind recently. It was first mentioned in a recent one-on-one with Jonathan. In this piece I have increased the scale to 50cm square. The pictorial space is bisected with a fairly regular dividing line, and I blending yellow viscose raffia with variegated brown-red-green wool.

I started to make this piece with the hope it would be completed in time for me to bring it to the low residency. Unfortunately it took longer than anticipated, and it was only 70% complete by the time I had to fly out. When I returned, although I was exhausted and yet exhilarated by my time in Camberwell I found it hard to get started and complete it. I had a one-on-one with Rosie and could only show her it as a work-in-progress. This piece sat in my atelier taunting me, and eventually I knuckled down and finished it. From start to finish this has taken about five weeks. My rhythm was lost. Looking back I suspect the main issue is that I took too long away from it. I really should finish pieces in a day or two. Taking a long break — especially one as long as the low-residency — threw me.

The end result retains the interesting texture in the yellow viscose raffia field, being more apparent as there is more space to play out; the variegated wool field shows more variation in colors, again due to the additional space. More of the underlying canvas shows through the wool fibers, especially towards the lower quarter, and this asks more of the spectator about the relationship of the fibers and the canvas.

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