Fiber Sculpture 11

David Somers bio photo By David Somers Comment
Object #57426
David Somers, Untitled, 2016, raffia and wool on canvas, 30.5 × 50.0 × 3.0 cm (~ 8" × 8" × 3/4"). [Object #57468].

Following the embarrassingly long time I took to complete my previous piece, I was determined to complete the next one in a day… and not several weeks. And this I did. In the morning the template for the fixings was generated, affixed to the back of the canvas, and the screws inserted. In the afternoon the threading was completed in a marathon session.

There were two drastic changes that I wanted to explore in this piece. Firstly, the form: rectangular instead of the square. Secondly, using non-variegated wool: instead a single color with a slight hue shift. The thought behind these two changes would be to emphasis the dividing line more that previous pieces. The dividing line would not be perfect, but instead have slight deviation.

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