Fiber Sculpture 14

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Object #57426
David Somers, Untitled, 2016, raffia and wool on canvas, 10.5 × 10.0 × 3.0 cm (~ 8" × 8" × 3/4"). [Object #57476].

Following Fiber Sculpture 13, I wanted to produce one that was more controlled. More geometric. But not as organic — as curvaceous – as Fiber Sculpture 12. Something geometric. But orthogonal.

Also, I wanted to make some minor changes to the code that I use to generate the fixing template for my fiber sculptures. In the previous pieces I have been omitting the first and last threads from them as they were just too close to the edge for comfort. The code should omit these, and update the bill of materials accordingly. The code now has an additional parameter to specify a “safe zone” at the head and tail in which no fiber is placed. Furthermore, the placement of my “DS” logotype was not ideal and would need to float better within the available space… some logic was applied to position it better depending on the space available.

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