Sequent 10

David Somers bio photo By David Somers Comment
Object #57526
David Somers, Sequent 10, 2016, digital art, 58.5 × 57 (~ 23" × 22.5"). [Object #57538].


Continuing the technique developed in Sequent 8 and Sequent 9, this time the underlying pattern of the threads has been changed.

I like the way that these three images have progressed. By making gradual changes in the underlying framework of (virtual threads) the resulting images are different, but clearly related.

These images were developed using Illustrator and while I do not consider them to be complex, on more than one occasion Illustrator has been unable to render them. Fortunately I was able to circumvent the issue, but it is worrying that such “simple pieces” are already “too complex”. To add more nuance to the work I suspect the path will be one of generative art.

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