Sequent 13 [redux]

David Somers bio photo By David Somers Comment
A2. digital image.
Sequent 13 [redux]. Ink on paper. Asset #57702.1

When I created Sequent 13, I ended up with a set of three images. These three images represented three possible states of hybridity, viz., exclusive (not overlapped but touching), mixed (strict bisection), and inclusive (fully overlapped).

After creating them I applied a treatment — animation — to produce Sequent 14.

Today, not really a treatment but a redux — as a tryptic to show the continuum of the three states: exclusive to mixed to inclusive.

While this image looks good on screen, the result on paper is better than expected. On uncoated paper it is a bit flat because the colors are “muted”. However, on coated stock the color fields are nicely saturated and “pop”; there is less ink dispersion, the color fields uniform, and the edges are as hard as nails.

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