Sequent 16

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A2. digital image. Asset #57702.2
Sequent 16. Digital image.

In this artwork, taking one of the concepts from doodle 2016-11-09 and executing it: a world where two elements of square color fields merge and exhibit hybridity highlighted by overprinting.


Before making Sequent 16, I produced a study.

A2. digital image.
Study for Sequent 16. Digital image.

In the study I very quickly drew the shapes and placed them. As an artwork I think it works well. But I wanted to take it a bit further. If the two elements are merging, surely their size will increase. In the study the melding can result in a red

For the “final” version, the surface area of the elements was constant: when they “merge” the combined area remains the sum of their areas. Its a subtle detail. Perhaps too much. But the sum of the parts is constant.

These were made in Illustrator. The study was done fairly quickly as a proof-of-concept. However, when creating the second (normalised area) one, having to calculate the dimensions of the merged elements was a pain… calculator, algebra, etc… not something that can be done too quickly, which slows down experimentation with different placement. If created using generative code, not an issue as the computer is far quicker at calculating things.

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