Sequent 17

David Somers bio photo By David Somers Comment
A2. digital image. Asset #57703.
Sequent 17. Digital image.

Continuing on from Sequent 16 and taking one of the concepts from doodle 2016-11-09… instead of visualizing hybridity resulting from melding random lines, or squares, another geometric form: that of the ellipse.


After all the calculating effort in sizing the elements in the aforementioned Sequent 16, a bit of devious logic: instead of showing the whole world, only show a partial, i.e. clipped view, therefore avoiding any need to recalculate the size of the elements. A bit of a cheat, because the dimensions would, if being strictly normal, change, but only a pedant would be able to spot that they’re not.

The clipping is an interesting method of taking a “peek” at what’s happening. The idea that by showing a partial view the spectator can extrapolate their own worldview of what is not being show. Maybe this adds more to the work?

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