Scan Gone Right? Gone Wrong?

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Asset #57761
Scan Gone Right? Gone Wrong?. Digital Image.


Bringing the watercoloring pieces into the digital world, the scanner accidentally captured me in the act of placing a work on the platen.

Is this a mistake?

A made mistake?

A happy accident?

Is it Scan Gone Wrong? or Scan Gone Right?.

Manipulating the image…

Isolating. Cruddy isolated using a magic wand selection tool.

Asset #57761
Scan Gone Right? Gone Wrong? [Isolated]. Digital Image.

Washing. Running a blur tool around the boundary between the image and the background. Softening the edges. Increasing the ethereal aspect.

Asset #57761
Scan Gone Right? Gone Wrong? [Isolated + Washed]. Digital Image.

Not quite sure where this is going. I like the idea of the circular nature of analog to digital, then digital manipulation simulating an analog effect.

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