AI Manipulations (Prisma)

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Prisma. Digital Image.


Digital Art. Filters.

Its a bit white outside. Winter has finally come with a vengeance. Instead of posting to FaceBook the usual image of the scene outside, the image has been Prisma’d.

I really like the filters it offers. Like most things, less is more, and the “simplification” adds a nice aesthetic.

Its fun to make these things… and of course its all on the back of AI research and came to public attention when Google release Deep Dream and images from it has their 15 minutes of fame in mainstream media like here (Daily Telegraph) and here (fastcodesign).

People like RealMacSoftware even made an app so it could be done on a Mac. They’ve jettisoned that software and its now available elsewhere as Deep Dreamer — which looks almost suspiciously like abandonware as its not been updated in two years.

But is it art? Is it fine art? Is it just a passing fad?

After the initial fame, it seems to have dropped off the radar… at least until Prisma came along and made it cool for people to tweak their photos on the iPhone.

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