Marbling Set 3 (raw)

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Proof #20 from Marbling Set 3. 90mm × 90mm. Ink on paper.


The third set of marbling I made, marbling set 3, is now dried.

Time to bring these into the digital realm.

And so the scanning begins. Its tedious. As I mentioned before, when working with one or three pieces the time take is not too noticeable. With 30 or so pieces, however, all that time adds up, A few hours of repetitive tedium. Of course, there are a few, due to the warping of the substrate (as I was working very wet) that take a long time to position on the platen. I’m trying to scan these square. I don’t want to have to rotate, even marginally (usually a degree or two) in software as that introduces issues.

I’m probably repeating myself, but looking at this set, there are archetypes showing. Some work better than others.

I have been thinking about how to present these, and the other marbles. A few options:

  • Singly. Enlarged. Heavily zoomed in (800%)
  • As a “square” configuration. 3 × 3.
  • As a “square” configuration. 4 × 4.
  • As a linear configuration. 1 × 30.

And that is before adding the “layer” of post:

As a lot of this could be done programatically.

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