In Progress, More Marbling (Set 3)

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Detail of marbling onto archival card, still wet
Detail of marbling onto canvas card, waiting to dry

Another batch of artworks created today using a marbling technique. Batch being rather significant. In the blurb I recently wrote, I referenced my Research Paper and the term ontological reductionism. One of the things I wanted to go into more detail was that, in abstract art, there is a tendency to produce a series… to try to answer the question by continually producing art that circles around and towards the solution. Like the ball in a roulette wheel.

Meanwhile, back to this art. Over the weekend I was talking with Sharon about how the substrate (archival paper) gets very warped when creating this type of work. She made some suggestions. So today, I did an experimental piece where I marbled onto canvas board, followed by a series on archival card as before.

To differentiate from previous works the color palette is yellow and green.


After making 30 “captures”, I’m beginning to get the hang of this. I recognized different archetypes forming, and tried to replicate them. There is the whole gamut. At one extreme a simple division into clearly bisected color fields. The other extreme being multilayered complex fracture-esque allusions.

This is a very unpredictable process as detritus from earlier efforts, and even the bath this is in, affect later images. On one hand, this introduces an element of unpredictability, hampering reproducibility. On the other hand, it adds an element of unpredictability and potential creative discovery. There is almost a cycle occurring between the gamut of archetypes, a crescendo building up from simple forms to complex, an inflection, repeating. A hint of Chaos theory. A Lorenz system.

Now, a day or three wait to allow everything to dry out before doing something with them.

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