Marbling Set 4 (in progress)

David Somers bio photo By David Somers Comment
Marbling Set 4, in progress. 30 off 90mm × 90mm. Ink on paper.


30 pieces — I slightly modified my technique: “capturing” a single color, letting it dry slightly, then overlaying with “capturing” two colors (one the same as the first).

I chose a color pairing of yellow and blue (specifically citron/Zitron and bleu azur/Azurblau). By overlaying, this is producing three colours: yellow, blue, and green (where the two have overlaid). I’m happy with the way the overlaying has resulted in a third color. This wasn’t happening in my earlier attempts; allowing one colour to partially dry before overlaying is a great aid. On a few of the “captures” there’s a bit of orange that’s appearing: I guess this is an affect from the yellow building up. Some of the color fields are not completely solid and this adds another layer, and hopefully this will remain when they are dry.

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