Marbling Set 5 (in progress) + Video

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Marbling Set 5, in progress. approx 46 off 90mm × 90mm. Ink on paper.


Immediately following making Marbling Set 4, I decided to make this set. Same colors, but instead of attempting the overlaying, back to the technique I used for Marbling Set 1, i.e. trying to have two distinct color fields. More of an experiment to see if I could repeat and obtain similar results.

The images “captured” tend to fall into one of two: - Those where, on the “capture”, two distinct fields are caught, with a nice organic curve describing the boundary. - Those where, the “capture” fails, with the ink not being caught, and large areas of paper black… and so I then double or triple re-“capture”. Like Marbling Set 4 this sometimes results in additional additive colors forming, although the effect is not as commonplace or pronounced.

I can’t really judge the end result until everything as dried. However, while wet, its fairly obvious that the colors are more intense and when organic curves and boundaries form they are quite pronounced.

As its sometimes easier to see rather than explain how this is done, I filmed myself making this set. Here’s a video snip of the process.

The music you can hear in the video works really well. Again, its one of the unexpected things, and happened by accident: I was listening to Andy Pickford’s new album — Harmonics in The Silence — and Piece #7 was playing when I was making these. Playing back the video, and hearing the music that was playing in my atelier being picked up too, the two seem to work so well together.

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