A Study for Wrapping Paper

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A study in overprinting
A study in overprinting for wrapping paper. Digital Print.

Following on from yesterday’s doodles… taking the concept from the doodles and executing roughs in digital.

When working digitally normally I would keep messing around until something worked. This time, however, I kept the interim attempts on separate artboards just in case I need to come back — the benefit of hindsight over work previously discarded. I have a set of six studies. All geometric. Some leaning towards Christmas through the use of traditional western colours associated with the festivities, i.e. red and green. Other leaning towards geometric color field abstraction. But all using overprinting, or rather simulated overprinting. Of all the overprint combinations within, B+Y=K is possibly the more important one, as the K is strategic as it is the background of the UAL brand, and its important to respect the brand.

This needs to sit for a few days before I sit down and try to finalize two or three designs for submission.

There are some possible enhancements. Instead of hard edge color fields, simulated watercolor fields, so there is the overprinting effect, but also a softening of the edges. Or introduce the random line somehow.

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