Sequent 22

Set m9, in progress, the verso. Ink on paper
sequent 20 [proof], 5 x 11 matrix

Dynamic Goes Static

The thought behind this work was twofold.

Firstly, to double-check, once more, that things are really strictly normal.

Secondly, to be able to print out the results displayed on the Strictly Pi One installation, which helps with the first point.

Thirdly, because, just in case something happens, I’d like to have some new material on hand just in case I need to do substitution for the final show for whatever reason.

Going static

The code in [Strictly Pi One] build on my earlier work, and it was fairy easy to derive a variant that instead of driving a LCD prints out the lines.

Having create the variant, the code was then tweaked quite a bit to do automatic positioning (centering) within the canvas, adjust colors, and some other niceties. Not strictly necessary, but nice to do.

When proofing them I’ve done two options… one simulates green PCBs, the other blue PCBs.

As I was looking to use a LED board with more LEDs (from 5 x 11 to 7 x 17), I ran off a simulation of the alternative configuration.

Set m9, in progress, the verso. Ink on paper
sequent 20 [proof], 7 x 17 matrix
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