Vibrating Boundaries

David Somers bio photo By David Somers Comment

Given my exploration of the dividing line, I was particularly interested in the concepts detailed and visualized in (Albers, 2013, pp. 61, 136-139).


The “vibrating boundaries” is something that my earlier pieces have briefly touched on. And now some experimentation with this and my archetypal dividing line in the digital world.


I started Sketch, and produced a simplistic simulation of the archetype of an earlier work: horizontal rectangles, offset randomly, producing a random dividing line that bisects the pictorial space.



In (Albers, 2013, p. 136) contrasting colors are used. However, a detailed examination of the colors in the reproduced image shows that these are not exact contrasting colors. The relationship is somewhat between semi-complimentary and triad. How much of a contrast between the colors is required before the effect becomes apparent?

In the piece I made, the dividing line is neither random enough nor organic; it looks unnatural, either way. To avoid this from happening again one solution would be to generate the division through mathematical means to evoke a ‘better’ random or organic feel.


  1. Albers, J. (2013) Interaction of Color. 50th Anniversary; 4th. Yale University Press.
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