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He was one of the trend setting graphic designers of the 1950s and ‘60s. Widely recognised for his photography books, the Dutch designer also created house styles, stamps, magazines, advertisements and typefaces. He worked for the renowned design studio _Total Design_ and was an outspoken figure within Dutch professional design organisations. He was an experimentalist in letterforms and typography. He was a pioneer in corporate identity; a designer of photo books; and art director of the architectural magazine Forum.
## Magazine covers Here are two examples of magazine covers that he designed. What is impressive is that this was all done by hand. No computers. Amazing dimensional effects on a flat surface!
## Sketches Here are some examples from his sketchbook. Everything has been methodically planned.
## Further Reading Huygen, Frederike (2013). _Jurriaan Schrofer (1926-90) Restless typographer_. [Unit Editions](https://uniteditions.com/shop/jurriaan-schrofer), UK. ISBN 978-0-9562071-8-0. Huygen, Frederike (2014) _Schrofer sketches_. Eindhoven, NL: [Lecturis](http://www.lecturisbooks.nl/en/webshop/schrofer-sketches/55052). ISBN 978-94-6226-077-1. Huygen, Frederike; van Triest, Jaap; Martens, Karl (2013). _Jurriaan Schrofer-graphic Designer, Pioneer Of Photobooks_. Amsterdam, NL: [Valiz](http://valiz.nl/en/JurriaanSchrofer). ISBN 978-90-78088-70-7.
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